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Healing Through Ancient Wisdom

Expressive Dance & Movement Therapy

For Trauma and Emotional Alchemy

In this bottom-up approach, we work directly with the body to capitalize on the natural intelligence of the body.  

WHY? because there are times when words are not enough. Often physical pain and illness stem from unresolved experiences held in the body. The body contains and reveals our entire life experience. It is through the body that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels become connected. It is through the body that we can come to know ourselves and the world we are apart of. It is through the body that we can connect to our roots, culture and ancestors.

Working with the mind cures symptoms, working with the body HEALS the root cause.

In this practice of stillness in motion, clients will be guided to engage in unchoreographed and spontaneous movement to bypass the conscious mind and increase body awareness. It can be used to tell a story, act out a dream, impulse or used for non-verbal expression of issues, emotions and feelings that can then be integrated by the conscious mind.

Dancing is using the body as an instrument of self-expression and Movement is a way of learning and communicating with our body to reflect our feelings about the self and our relationships with others.

Our body holds and reflects our trauma, emotional pain and limiting beliefs. When we move we open up the channels of the body to clear away old emotional blockages, belief systems that no longer serve us and memories the body has held onto. This allows us to go deeper into the experience of the body to feel safe and be present in each moment. When we are able to connect that to our breath and physical sensations, it helps us to regulate our nervous system and we are able to express the full range of our emotions. 

The answers we seek are within and the body can lead us to it. The body tells the story of our history and can speak to us in so many different ways. We work directly with the patterns of the body to rebuild trust and empower the process of self-healing. When we step out of our own way, we can gain deeper access to the soul through creative expression.

“Words label what we already know; expressive movement reveals the unknown. Sensations, feelings, emotions, and images that have long been buried in our bodies are revealed through movement. This is also useful in shifting old patterns, habits, and destructive belief systems….dance and renew your life force. When these dances are connected to our lives, they bring about dramatic release and change in our will to live.”

~ Anna Halprin

Dance and Movement are one of the very first forms of human expression. It is a form of non-verbal communication that creates a bond between the body and the spirit. Humans have used dance/movement as an integral part of reaching other states of consciousness, for the purpose of healing and to facilitate contact with the divine.

Dance and Movement as therapy is a practice that began centuries ago in cultures across the globe and has long been considered an integral part of the well-being of people. In my opinion, it is one of the most powerful of the arts because the psychotherapeutic use of dance/movement as a process furthers the aim at attaining a state of spiritual, emotional, mental  and physical health simultaneously.    

Dance and Movement are a body-based discipline that seeks to integrate all components of our beings. Mind-Body-connectivity serves as one of the chief pillars of dance and movement, which relies on the search for ones authentic movements, to bring about gradual somatic transformations.

This field utilizes the embodied experiences of clients for therapeutic purposes, such as maintaining balanced health, assessing challenges, unpacking the unconscious mind and healing.

Dance and Movement are practiced with multiple populations, in multiple settings, integrating body sensations, movements, thoughts and feelings. This practice is so powerful because it is accessible to nearly everyone. Dance/Movement is a very holistic and integrative healing modality, the very nature of it demand that we be fully present.

Our body is our instrument, It is holding our wisdom and truth.